Notice of Privacy

The following notice of privacy establish the terms and conditions which LA VANGUARDIA EN MODA JUVENIL S.A de C.V (now called BLUE COLASH) with the next address to hear and get notifications AV. ACUEDUCTO 4815 INT 3 PISO 1, COLONIA PUERTA DE HIERRO, ZAPOPAN JALISCO; will treat the personal data of the titular person.
                   II. TITULAR PERSON CONSENT.
For effects in the established in the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (LFPDP) and other legislation, the titular person manifests (I) that the following notice has been given to read by the Responsible, (II) have read, understood and accepted the terms written in this notice, so the titular person gives his consent according to treat of his personal data. In case that the personal data includes patrimonial or financial data, by the signature of the following contract, printed or electronically, and the right process for the formation of the consent actions will be taken for the consent of the titular person and (iii) the titular person gives his consent for BLUE COLASH or its employees, make transfers and/or referrals of personal data in terms of the section denominated TRANSFERS AND/OR REFERRALS OF DATA in this notice of privacy.
Blue Colash may collect personal data of the titular person by direct or personal contact between the titular person and the responsible or its employees. It can also collect data indirectly by public access sources and other available sources in the market.
BLUE COLASH collects identification personal data, financially and/or patrimonial data, academical and labor. It also collects personal data related to physical characteristics and biometric data.
                    IV. USAGE OF PERSONAL DATA.
A. PRIMARY USAGE. BLUE COLASH will use the personal data for the activities and managements related to the accomplishment of the obligations originated in any legal relation and comercial that establishes with motive of the giving in its services; billing; credit; costumer attention; technical services; publicity; services management; products and services offering; apps administration; and give, renew, return or cancel the services that the titular person requests.
B. SECONDARY USAGE. BLUE COLASH will treat personal data for other purposes such as sending sales notifications; advertisements; telemarketing; statistic; market studies; social networks; chats; games; contests; evaluation of the services, and overall to any activity headed to promote, maintain, evaluate and improve its products and services. You can deny this treatment of your personal data by the media put at your disposal. In case you don’t do this 5 days after you data has been collected, it will be consider as an approval for this usage.
BLUE COLASH requires to share your data with the purpose of accomplishing legal and/or comercial obligations. The receptors of your personal data are obligated to keep the confidence of the personal data. BLUE COLASH and its employees may share your data to any other society belonging to the same business, national or international, for the same purposes described in this Notice. Your personal data can be shared, stored, and process in a different country where you gave it. Blue Colash doesn’t require your approval to share your data, national or international.

The titular person has, in any moment, the right to access and cancel his data, also to oppose the treatment of the data or revoke the consent that it had been given, presenting a request with the following information:          
  1.                     Name and address of the titular person
  2.                   Identification (Passport, ID or VISA) or the legal representation of the titular person
  3.                 Clear description of the data and why you want to exercise an ARCO right.
  4.                 Any other document that makes easier the localization of the personal data.

In the case of the rectification requests the titular must add the modifications and the documents that supports his petition. For the access of the personal data, the identification must be the first step and the information will be shown in the address of the responsible.

For the petition of the request, reception and answer of the requests to exercise your ARCO rights and the revoke of the consent and any other right established in LFPDP, we give you the following contacts.

A)     Email address:

B)      Protection of Personal data office: Acueducto av. 4851 INT 3 floor 1. Puerta de hierro colony.

C)      Phone number 33 3658 0140

In case the given information it’s mistaken or insufficient, or the identification papers are not correct, we will ask you, within the 5 next days, to give the necessary documents. The titular will have ten days to attend the requirement, if not, the request will be canceled. Blue Colash will answer the request in a period of 20 days if the request is valid. In all the cases, the answer will be given by the same media you sent your request.

The responsible and its employees will keep the data as long as it’s needed to process the information requests, products and/or services. Also for keeping financial registers and audit in terms of the LFPDP and merchant law.
The collected personal data will be protected by technical and physical security against the damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized usage, access or treatment. Blue Colash doesn’t guarantees that third parties may have access to the personal data. Blue Colash will not be responsible in any case of damage or unauthorized access.
You or your legal represent might limit the usage and sharing of your personal data by the same media as the procedure for the exercise of your ARCO rights. You can also sign up in the Registro Público para Evitar Publicidad (REPEP) belonging to PROFECO
If you consider that Blue Colash has compromised your right of protection of your personal data, you can contact the Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales.
Blue Colash might collect data through its web sites or by using  automatic data collectors. This collectors allows collecting data that your navigator send to our web sites, such as the navigator you are using, language, periods of time and P address. The automatic collectors Blue Colash uses are cookies, web beacons and links in emails. The correct functionality of Blue Colash web sites requires the usage of cookies in your navigator. This “cookies” are small data archives transferred by the web site to the hardware in your computer. Most navigators accept cookies automatically, you can change this in your computer’s setting. By cancelling the cookies, Blue Colash web sites might not work correctly. Blue Colash might use in its web sites and emails the web beacons, which is an electronics image of only one pixel, or GIF that might recognize information that has been processed in your computer such as time and date that you visited the web site and which  section  you checked. The links attached to the emails allows Blue Colash to know if you checked this link and the sections you visited, this will help Blue Colash to know if its marketing campaign is working correctly. Underage protection. Blue Colash encourages to all the parents to take an active role in the activities your children do online. In case you consider that the personal data has been given by an underage person, please send an email to the following email address and we will proceed to eliminate the given data. CONTACTO@BLUECOLASH.COM
                     IX. CHANGES IN THE NOTICE
Blue Colash reserves the right to update this Notice in order to make the changes in its information known. It is the responsibility of the titular person to check this notice in our web site or asking for it at the next email address CONTACTO@BLUECOLASH.COM. The responsible will understand that the titular accepts and understands the terms written in this notice and he accepts the changes and/or updates regarding the treatment of his personal data.