Terms and Conditions

I. Terms and conditions for the usage of the web site.
1. Thanks for visiting the section terms and conditions (before the terms and conditions) of LA VANGUARDIA EN MODA JUVENIL S.A de C.V (after “BLUE COLASH”) the usage of the web site www.bluecolash.com.mx (after “web site”) it is subjected to the following terms and conditions and laws.
2. By entering and navigating in the web site you are accepting the terms and conditions without any limitation or any condition, including the additional terms and conditions that Blue Colash will publish later. Some services and sales available in the web site might have its own terms and conditions and can be read it in the web site that contains this services or sales.
3. The trading contract between BLUE COLASH and the purchaser will be set off once the price of the merchandise has been covered by the payment methods acknowledged by BLUE COLASH. Once the payment is done BLUE COLASH will send an email to the purchaser to de given address informing the transaction has been completed.
You accept to refrain:

-Using the web site for any illegal activity

-Publishing web sites that contain links that starts a download with illegal content

-Stalking or bullying any person

-Take participance in any activity that violates the privacy rights of other people

-Make contests or gambling online that violates the law

-Publishing, distributing it transmitting any virus, worm , file or other code that might hurt the web site.

-Affect the possibility of other people of using the web site

-Affect in any way the web site

-Using the web site to access other account without their knowledge.

The informationOf the web site includes the description of the merchandise that it’s only available in Mexico. This web site it managed in Mexico and BLUE COLASH doesn’t do any statement regarding that the content that it is shown it’s appropriate t use in other web sites.
The web site is designed to be used by people over 18 years old. Those who are under 18 years old must be supervised by an adult. BLUE COLASH offers children’s products but are only sold to adults.
1. You can only buy merchandise that

-It is available for sell and its details appear in the web site

-shipping in Mexico to de zip code authorized by the logistic.

-No reselling after de purchase is done

2. The details of the products available for purchase (including its price) are specified in the online store of the web site.

3. The products shown in the web site works as general information about the products commercialized by BLUE COLASH and are offered in the web site in the available quantity at the moment the trading contract between BLUE COLASH and the purchaser and with the characteristics, sizes, and colors shown in the web site.

4. Due to simultaneous buying in the web site, in case that one, or many, items included in your order are not available, you will receive an email letting you know which product(s) are not available, if so, you will have two days to get in touch with customers service via email at VENTAS@BLUECOLASH.COM to let them know your choice between this two options: a) you might choose other product of the same price, or less, as the once you originally purchased or b) get a refund for your next purchases.

5. The business compromises to take out the merchandise of the web site for 24 hours as soon as the order is made. If in this period of time the client hasn’t proved the payment, the merchandise will be available for sale on the web site. It’s important to make the payment as soon as possible in order to have no problems with the shipping.

You might pay with a debit or credit card, deposit to BLUE COLASHs account or with PayPal. You can also pay in several places that are given by the store.

To get your order shipped it is necessary to prove the payment has been done before 24 hours have passed. The client compromises to inform and present prove that the payment has been done by any media necessary before the time limits.

In case that the payment hasn’t been confirmed, the order won’t be shipped until the payment has been proved.


BLUE COLASH will make the delivery in the given address within the Mexican territory. The delivery will be done by logistic business, the time and day will be set  by them.

BLUE COLASH won’t be responsible for any lost or damaged merchandise once they have been delivered to the logistic business.  

If BLUE COLASH detects, after de contract has been done, that it can not supply the product(s) ordered in the web site and, this step back is not up to you, you will get an email at the given address. Blue Colash will have five days to make the supply of the missing product(s). In case this won’t be possible, you will get a second email informing you of the situation. If so it’s important that you reach out to BLUE COLASH to make an agreement on the next step.

In case the merchandise that you received is a) different that the one you order; b)wrong size; c) doesn’t correspond to the brand or any other specifications that was written on the web site. You might send back the product if the next conditions are accomplished a) the product hasn’t been used; b) the product is returned with the original tags; c) hasn’t passed more than 15 days from the day you got your product; d) you show that the product was bought online.

In case the merchandise that you received is in bad conditions or the damaged is shown within the five next days of the purchases. You might send back the product if the next conditions are accomplished a) the product hasn’t been used; b) the product is returned with the original tags; c) hasn’t passed more than 5 days from the day you got your product; d) you show that the product was bought online.

The payment of the shipping will not be covered by BLUE COLASH, this means the client has to pay for the returning of the product and the second shipping of the new product.

To get information on the process of returning merchandise, please send an email to CONTACTO@BLUECOLASH.COM BLUE COLAS will let you know if the returning is accepted or not.

BLUE COLASH might refuses to returning merchandise if it is out of the stablished time, when the product has been used, or if it has been damaged by you.


This terms and conditions are under the govern of Mexican law. The PROFECO is competent to resolve any controversy that might show up about the fulfillment of this contract in the terms and cases provided by the Ley Federal  de Proteccion al Consumidor. Any controversy about the validity or interpretation of this terms and conditions will be resolved in a court located in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, México and will be the only place for any controversy.

BLUE COLASH might end this contract in any time and with any notification and by any motive without responsibility or need of legal resolution.